Mandatory Access Password Reset Coming Soon

Realogy will soon undergo an internal system upgrade that will require all staff and sales associates to reset their Access password and create an Okta security question.

The upgrade is scheduled to take place the evening of Wednesday, April 28th. When users visit they will be prompted to reset their password with the following instructions.

The alert says “Realogy has conducted an internal system upgrade and as a result you will be required to reset your password before you login. You can accomplish this by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ link to send a temporary password to your business email. If you have any issues, please call the helpdesk at 866.899.4747 or +1 973.407.8010.”

The ‘Forgot Password’ link can be found below the blue Sign In button.



Upon click of ‘Forgot Password’, the user will be asked to provide their email address to verify their identity. They should provide their email address. A temporary password will then be sent to the user’s business email address. As a reminder, the business email is identified, and can be changed, in Dash.

Once the user has reset their password, Okta will prompt them to select a security question and provide an answer for future password resets.

Upon click of ‘Create My Account’ the user will be directed to the Access homepage.

If you log into dash before logging into Access after the system upgrade has processed, you will be asked to complete the password reset from the dash login page instead. Once the password has been reset, you will not be asked to reset again.

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