How to Set-Up a Zoom Meeting with iOS/Android

Step 1: Download Zoom 

Google Play App Store

Step 2: Sign Up/Sign In

If you’ve never created a Zoom account before, tap the “Sign Up” button under the large blue “Join a Meeting” button and follow the quick prompts to create your account.

NOTE: Please use your Daniel Gale email address to register. For issues, please email


Step 3: Schedule a Meeting

Select “Schedule” Icon displayed at the top of the screen under the search bar.

Step 4: Provide Virtual Open House Details

Please see the suggested recommendations below:

  1. Topic: Enter the address and event for example “Virtual Open House | 123 Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor NY”.
  2. Starts: Select the date and time of your Virtual Open House.
  3. Duration: Any duration 40 minutes or less. (Free Zoom accounts are limited to 40 minutes).
  4. Timezone: By default, zoom will use your device’s time zone setting. Tap on this field.
  5. Repeat: SKIP THIS.
  6. Use personal meeting ID: SKIP THIS.
  7. Meeting Password (Optional): Recommend that you turn this OFF.
  8. Host Video On when starting: Toggle on for your host video to be on by default when joining the meeting.
  9. Attendee Video On when joining: SKIP THIS.
  10. Audio Option: SKIP THIS (Default should be on “Both”).
  11. Advanced Options: Click to view additional meeting options.
    • Allow join before host: LEAVE OFF.
    • Waiting Room: LEAVE OFF.
    • Record the meeting automatically: Check this if you want the meeting to be automatically recorded.
    • Schedule for: SKIP.
    • Alternative Hosts (Optional): If you are showing a home with another agent and want to use their phone instead, this step allows them to start the meeting in your absence. 
  12. Select “DONE” at the top of the screen.

Step 5: Share the Invite Details!

Once you’ve completed scheduling your invite, the App will open up the Mail app on your device to send out. Please send this to your Manager, Marketing Coordinator, and 

If you DO NOT get prompted, this is how you can go back to get the invite from Zoom App’s homescreen:

Select “Meetings” from the bottom of the App’s Screen:

Select your Virtual Open House Event (DO NOT TAP THE “START” BUTTON)


Select “Add Invitees”


Choose Invite Method (Email Preferred)


Please send your Invite Details to your Manager, Marketing Coordinator, and 
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