Announcing Ninja Mastery Course for Sotheby’s International Realty | Ninja

We are thrilled to introduce Ninja Mastery, a live virtual training available exclusively for Sotheby’s International Realty affiliates. A great opportunity to learn and network with SIR family around the country!
Ninja Mastery will be an intensive 12-month training for those who want to master working in our new environment as a Sotheby’s International Realty Ninja.
Candidates for this course are those who are already committed graduates of the Ninja installation or those who are following the Ninja Path after reading the book and intend to take an installation soon. This course is designed for leaders and agents alike.
YOU are a candidate if you:
  • Are searching for guidance and accountability to enhance your consistency, intention, and action creating results?
  • A top producer who is fatigued searching for more harmony in your life?
  • A leader who is committed to supporting their team and ninja company looking to enhance your systems?
  • An agent who may be struggling and are ready to commit to the Ninja Systems?
  • A newer agent who needs guidance to build your systems?
  • A seasoned agent who wants to dial in your systems?
Ninja Mastery is definitely not for the faint of heart…
The goals for our attendees are:
  • Personal commitment to enhance our consistency, intention, and action creating resulting in more income per hour so we can enjoy our lives.
  • Commit to two 90 minute sessions each month for 1 year.
  • Show up to all sessions (24) with “video on”.
  • Monthly accountability with Mastery.
  • Suggested reading/listening to a book every month.
  • Participate and share your experiences with the group.
The Ninja Mastery training sessions will all be dedicated to our Sotheby’s International Realty brand as the only SIR affiliated Mastery instructor. In addition to the powerful Mastery content, they will incorporate our SIR brand value and tools as we do in our SIR Ninja Installations. The goal is to help re-enforce brand knowledge and the ninja systems, throughout the 12-month course.
Space is limited.
We will be offering the bi-monthly Ninja Mastery courses beginning in October with a maximum of 20 attendees per course.
The 12-month Mastery course will be offered at $250 per month or $2750 if paid in full per attendee.
This course is life-changing and will help our team stay on the path earning more income per hour while finding harmony in our lives.
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