How to Create a Facebook Event Page

Step 1: Create an Event

From your Facebook Business Page, select the “Event” button from under the “More” menu dropdown.

Step 2: Complete Event Details

  1. Event Photo or Video: Select an Image or Video from the Listing Page.
  2. Event Name: Title it “Virtual Open House |” followed by the address of the listing.
  3. Location: Insert listing address.
  4. Description: INSERT THE SCHEDULED ZOOM LINK HERE. Also Include a brief description about the property.

Step 3: Select Co-Hosts

Adding Co-hosts will allow for the event to displayed on the Facebook Business pages of your partners.


      • Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty (Company FB account)
      • Your Office FB page
      • Your FB Business page

Details Section: You can skip, BUT if the home has some features you can type in lifestyle features of the home like “boating”, “swimming pool”, “bbq”, “man-cave”…etc. You can add it.

Admission Section: You can skip this section as well.

Step 4: Options

Select the following options as displayed in the image below and select “Publish”.

Step 5: Accept Co-Host Event

Follow up with your Agent, Marketing Coordinator, or Marketing team to make sure that the event has been accepted from ALL CO-HOSTS.

If you’re an Agent, place the Virtual Open House Zoom link in:

If you’re a Manager or Marketing Coordinator:

    • Please follow up with the agent to make sure that they’ve also added the Open House Zoom link in Stratus and Google Business.
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