Company-Wide Virtual Open House | What to Do

Day of the Virtual Open House

  1. Make sure your phone is charged.
  2. Arrive 20 minutes before you go “live” to set up.
  3. Make sure you have access to the property’s WiFi.
  4. If the listing doesn’t have WiFi, you will need another phone to act as the hotspot. Click Here for Instructions.
  5. Be ready to go live at the time of the open house. If you are late, you have the possibility of losing your audience.
  6. Best Practices for showing the house:

    • Introduce yourself and the address of your listing.

    • Continue with a disclaimer that you are following guidelines set by the CDC and NYS. You should also be wearing gloves and a mask if you are working in an occupied home. If in an unoccupied home, at least have the mask under your chin.

    • If you can, use a gimbal or a selfie stick.

    • If you can, have someone working the camera while you are recording the showing of the house. If you are doing this, stay within about 3 feet of the camera so they can hear you.

    • Choreograph your tour ahead of time.

    • If you can have a “camera man” you don’t always want to be in the shot, but it’s nice to have you lead into each room. But stay out of the picture when talking about the room or the features, just stay close to the camera. It’s about the house, not you.

    • Keep it conversational – don’t use flowery words, be friendly and likable, put your best foot forward.

    • Don’t use catch words (beautiful, spacious etc) Think of your crutch words and come up with 5 different words.

    • Make sure you have a script you are working off of so you have an idea of what you are going to say in each room. Also, create a vision in your head regarding the lifestyle of the property and know what you want to talk about.

    • Have a story or two you can tell about the listing. Have your owner fill out this form: History of your Home

    • If you can, have someone working the camera while you are recording the showing of the house. If you are doing this, stay within about 3 feet of the camera so they can hear you.

Before the Virtual Open House

For questions, please contact your MC.

  1. Please speak with the Homeowner about the Virtual Open House. Once they approve, have them sign this disclosure: COVID Disclosure Form

  2. Schedule the time on May 3rd for the VOH – it should be no more than 30 minutes.

  3. Set up the Virtual Open House event on ZOOM: How to Guide for Zoom

  4. Schedule the Zoom Call for a specific time period (i.e. 1:00-1:30)

  5. Click Here to fill out the Facebook Event Form to give to your MC. Your MC will also make the Corporate Facebook account a co-host and we will help to promote the event.

    The MC will create an event on Facebook and will make you the co-host so you can advertise VOH via Facebook (you must have a Business Facebook account for this – have your MC help you create one if you do not).

  6. STRATUS – Add the Date and Start Time and End Time of your Virtual Open House.

    Enter “Virtual Open House” in the Description Field.

    In “Public Remarks” enter the following at the end:
    #virtualopenhouse ZOOM URL Open House Date Begin Time-End Time

    #virtualopenhouse 05/03/2020 1:00 PM-1:30 PM

    For the step by step Click Here.

  7. Advertise your VOH via Rezora, Social Media, Boost and even phone calls.

    Your office and Daniel Gale SIR will promote your VOH on the company and office Facebook pages.

  8. We recommend you create a script to follow that highlights the architectural details, updates, location and condition of the home. We also recommend practicing!!

  9. Make sure you have your digital brochure finished so you can send it as a follow up to anyone who is interested.
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